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In September 2009 I changed my life forever by moving from a small town in Germany, to beautiful British Columbia.  As I began to settle into a new life in a new country, it became apparent that destiny had stepped in as I took a job to work at a local doggy daycare.  I always knew I loved dogs, but to be surrounded by them all day, I had found my calling.  Immersing myself with them and watching all their individual personalities shine through truly unleashed my passion of working with all kinds of dogs. 


Working with each of the dogs and their own unique personalities seemed to always have me asking the question “why do they do that”, which inevitably began to shape my education and the next adventure in my life. 

I grew up living with dogs, but in many respects not really knowing them.  That all changed in 2008 when I adopted my beautiful Border Collie cross, Luna.   She was the spark I needed to begin down the path.  We began with basic training which was easy for her as she is too smart for her own good.  Once we were settled in Vancouver, we decided to rescue a beautiful Boston Terrier named Miles. He was very skittish and untrusting, but something brought the 3 of us together.  That spark that Luna had had started within me, was soon a full-fledged raging inferno questions around what happened, why was he like this and how could we help him come out of his shell.  The decision was simple, I needed knowledge and understanding before I could understand and start on my journey of Behavior and Training with Dogs.  This is really where the story of Bianca’s Dog Care began.

As the years went by our family changed.   My partner and I have made our home in South Surrey and we brought all our dogs together.  3 under 1 roof!!!  We made great memories together with our 3 amazing and very different pups.  In 2018 /19 we said our final farewells to both our boys.  Stanley, a Chocolate Lab/Bernese cross who was afraid of the wind, and Miles our beloved Boston Terrier who was always thought he was the Man of the house.  As the weeks and months passed, we decided to adopt a high energy, rambunctious Boston Terrier (for Luna) named Hugo.  That said we both realized our hearts will never be full unless we have our four-legged kids…

With almost 25 years of customer service experience, 4 of which I spent learning from the Doggy daycare, and the last 7 building the fundamentals that focus on training and behavior, I can truly say I have found what makes me happy and gives back  I truly believe in giving back all the love and joy I am given by dogs every day. I’m a very lucky person to know what fulfills me in my day-to-day life, and I’m thankful to all the dogs I have met and will meet because I know they have changed my life and will continue to make me a better person!

I would welcome an opportunity to meet you and your dog(s) for a free consultation, to understand what each of you are looking for.  Each consultation, just like dogs are different and each program I develop will be tailored specifically for the needs of both of you to add to the time you have with each other. 

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" Everyday I can be sure that my dog Bello is getting attention, affection and enrichment on his walks with her. As a rescue, he is not a trusting dog and can be reactive, but Bianca has patiently introduced him to dogs and people with great success. She has shown terrific judgement in her assessment of which dogs he might like to partner with on his walks, and now he has good dog friends to entertain him"


—  Julie and Bello, South Surrey

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