We crossed paths with Bianca not long after we got our Moose, a Frenchie who was diagnosed with an unfortunate heart condition as a pup. We were protective of him, and cautious about leaving him in someone else’s care. Moose is now two years old and thriving. And Bianca’s care and honest connection with Moose, through his early life, is a huge part of that. He is truly a happier dog because of her. 

Bianca is a Gem, and we’re thankful that she is part of our extended Furry Family. 


Best Regard,

Brad Baumann and Tiaan De Jager and MOOSE

When we adopted our dog Dazie at the age of 3, we knew she didn’t get along with other animals but we didn’t realize how this would deeply impact our family. Her aggression made us embarrassed to go for walks in public. We stopped doing the things we loved like weekend strolls on the beach. We didn’t want to leave Dazie at home but we were nervous about taking her with us. We didn’t know why Dazie was acting the way she was, how to handle her aggression or what to do about it. This left us feeling frustrated and uncertain. 


After seeing Bianca in the neighbourhood, we decided to reach out for help. In just one session, she was able to explain Dazie’s body language, help us understand what she might be feeling and gave us practical first steps. 


With Bianca’s ongoing support, she gave us the tools and techniques to feel confident and in control. We still have work to do, but Dazie is already happier and so is our family. Even our neighbours have noticed a change in Dazie’s demeanour.  


Bianca’s training was invaluable. She’s fantastic at what she does and we are so grateful for her knowledge, guidance and advice.

Vanessa Bucceri & Dazie

We are so happy to be working with Bianca. From the moment we met her, we knew she understood us and our new puppy. We are experienced dog owners and Chase is our 4th dog. However, as a purebred border collie, he is also the most challenging - but in a good way.  


Bianca is very perceptive - she listens to us, watches the dogs and is able to understand the situation or behaviour and come up with a solution. We have met with her in person and via  zoom calls and we leave each interaction feeling like we have the tools we need.  Everything we have thrown at her, she has solved and given workable corrections. From the daily schedule, to getting along with our older dog, recall, biting/nipping and more - we have seen significant improvements in how we connect with Chase and his positive response.  


She really is a dog whisperer and we look forward to a continued relationship with her.


Colleen Von Dehn & Chase


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